Selecting the Best Canvas Fabric for Screen-Printing. A Visual Comparison.

If you’re sourcing your canvas for screen printed goods its nice to know which canvas is going to suit your needs best. For the most part all of our canvas looks very nice with a screenprinted image.  There are a few that out shine the rest if you are looking for fine line detail.

We compared printing on our 7oz, 10oz, #12, #10, #8, #4, Army Duck, and our Preshrunk Organic 10oz. We chose a simple feather with fine lines to print on each canvas.  These images are magnified to show very close detail.  I happen to be a big fan of Army Duck for many uses and I was excited to see how perfect it prints.  Screenprinting #4 is not out of the question.  Nice bold text or images would look great.

Screenprinting Cotton Duck.  Which is the best canvas for printing?

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