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Sourcing Cotton Fabrics in the USA? We have it!

It can be challenging to source USA Made Fabric.   We have been working hard on offering more Made in the USA fabrics and finally last week we launched THREE Cotton Fabrics all completely made in the USA.  They are a 7oz Cotton Duck, 10oz cotton Duck and a 12oz Bull Denim.   More is coming and the prices will surprise you..IN A GOOD WAY!

If you have read some of the same textile articles I have over the last year, it is obvious that USA manufacturing in making a comeback.  I like a good bargain, but I love when I can buy an American made product.  It just makes me happy to use it, wear it, etc. After the textile industry basically vanished from the the Southeastern USA in the 1990’s, sourcing fabrics to make USA products has just been difficult and expensive.  Today, more and more factories are reopening in the United States.  Transportation costs are offsetting just slightly higher labor costs.  Outsourcing overseas is becoming less and less advantageous to the bottom line and the quality of the product suffers.   I am really excited about American manufacturing right now and I am happy Big Duck Canvas is able to offer fabrics that will make MADE IN THE USA an option for our customers.

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