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The Backpack Fabric: 1000 Denier

backpack fabric photo
Every time I go hiking or camping I see 1000 Denier all over the place. As much as I am trying to disconnect from work I cannot stop thinking about textiles and fabric because I get a kick out of examining everyone’s gear. 1000 Denier dominates the Outdoor bag market because it produces lightweight quality gear that holds up for years and years. I  find that people love to talk about how long they’ve had their backpack or bag and all the places it has gone with them. Thank you 1000D!

I know several outdoor enthusiast that have become inspired to make their own gear and aren’t sure what fabric to search for when sourcing fabric. 1000 Denier Fabric is a really good start, and 1000D fabric samples are available!

Obviously back packs are made from all sorts of canvas fabrics, cottons, synthetics, waxed canvas, etc, but most people sourcing fabric for backpacks are looking for 1000 Denier Polyester. The name brand backpacks out there with those famous lifetime warranties… they are made from 1000 denier fabric.  Now, the buckles, zippers and straps must also be top quality, but it’s the fabric that makes up 95% of the backpack and is harder to replace if it fails unlike a buckle.

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