It’s water and mildew resistant! It’s a great earthy color called Mineral Suntan. We love this fabric. We started carrying it due to the requests of some customers who wanted it for its “intended” purpose of making car covers. The fabric is ideal for soft, cozy protective covers for vehicles that keep the weather out while helping protect the surface from scratches due to any trapped debris or dust. This fabric is working double time out there in the weather and it looks nice!


If you have requested canvas and fabric samples from us, you may very well have been sent a car cloth swatch even though your project had nothing to do with making a car cover. I imagine customers opening their swatch packages and saying “Why did they send me this car cloth?” The answer is because it’s amazing and we thought you would like to know about this great secret fabric! Dog bed? Horse blanket? Outdoor decor? Since it is water and mildew resistant it has a wide range of uses worth considering.

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