Our Heavy Numbered Ducks are such a unique Heavyweight textile material that it almost doesn’t feel right to just call them canvas fabric.  They can solve project needs like no other!  Floor Coverings,  Wall coverings for sound dampening,  storage bins, equipment and machinery covers, industrial belting, tool bags, painter bags, horse packs, & more! Here is a quick look at #1

Our #4 Cotton Duck is our next heaviest cotton duck and can basically do everything a #1 can do.  It comes in wide range of widths for every project need.  In a side by side comparison with number #1 it is hard to tell the two weights apart.

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2 comments on “#1 (30oz) Cotton Duck! The Heaviest Canvas of All Time

  • Ian Burdon

    Can you supply a small sample?

  • Michael Sitti

    I am looking for 30 oz heavy canvas size 16’x22’

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