Getting comfortable with the double felled seam can really come in handy!  Seam tape is my best friend with this seam!  Forget all that pinning!  This the strongest and most water tight seam.  It is commonly used for awnings and projects where the back needs to look just as nice as the front.  It is also a great way to do bags without a lining.  Check out the quick video below.

How sew a double felled seam

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3 comments on “The Double Felled Seam

  • Deborah Miller

    Your video was excellent. I learned so much. Thank you! I do have a question. I am trying to work on flag type designs, and found flag fabric (200 denier nylon), but also found I like nylon taffeta which is much lighter to sew with but it would be less durable. Would the double felled seam work on these types of fabrics? I guess I’m afraid that the fabric won’t stay in place to fold the edge over. How could I get the edges to fold and stay put? What is the tape you used and where do I find it? Is it like fusible tape?

    • Big Duck Canvas

      Hi Deborah,
      I would assume the double felled seam would work fine as long as you use the correct needle and thread for lightweight fabric. I always test a small sample first. We are in the process of adding our own seam tape! I am really excited and will post an article as soon as we add it to our site. Thanks so much for checking out the video! Good luck on your project.

  • Pedro Marlin

    Which fabric is best for making jeep tops

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