Sewing the Heaviest Cotton Ducks & NEW Black #4 (24oz) is HERE

#4 (24oz) Cotton Duck is our second heaviest canvas!  The amazing thing about #4 is all the width options that are available. The selection includes 36″, 48″, 60″ and 120″! This is why it is the most popular fabric for making floorcloths.  Yes, #4 is actually heavy enough to work as a floor mat especially if you add a little rug padding underneath.  Many of our customers, including myself are using #4 to make floor coverings instead of buying costly rugs.

Up until now #4 has only been available in natural.  Last week we added our new #4 / 60″ in Black!   We are looking forward to seeing our customers response to this new option.


Many people wonder if they can sew #4 on their home machine or if it requires industrial power.  We have the best answer for that: IT DEPENDS.  Many home sewing machines are very heavy duty and can handle the thickness like a pro.  It is best to request a sample and just run through your machine.  Try sewing through 3 layers and see how it goes.  The other reason “it depends” is because of thread options.  Most home machines will limit you to lighter thread options.  #4 Cotton Duck is heavy, so a heavy thread is ideal.  I use a bonded nylon tex 69 on my floorcloths.  My home machine has surprised me over the years handling thick leather and upholstery, but there is not way it is going to deliver nice seams of tex 69 bonded nylon! I must use my industrial machine.  Again, just hit us up for some samples and give it try!  We would love to hear about any home sewing machine that can easily handle heavy threads!

Video >>>> Sewing and Working with #1 Cotton Duck

Number 1 Cotton Duck Poster

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