What is CanvakLooking to source fabric for a long lasting heavy duty bag with an instantly great vintage look? I would be using Canvak™ Canvas Olive Drab. Many of our customers use it for covering heavy duty equipment outdoors and industrial applications, so its uses are wide and unlimited. It works great as a tarp because it is breathable, helping to reduce rust by minimizing condensation. It is also mildew mold resistant which is MUST for an outdoor fabric. As an accessory fabric it has a great distressed waxed canvas look.

As a result of the paraffin based Canvak™ coating, the fabric feels a lot heavier than a 10oz. In fact, I have to constantly remind myself not to call it something heavier. The fabric does have its own special smell. Have you been to a Army Surplus Store? Canvak™ Canvas smells like a less potent and cleaner version of that smell. This fabric is often used for vintage hats, so really the smell really isn’t much of an issue for manufactures. Feel free to request a sample to see for yourself.

If waxed canvas is not cost effective for your product, consider Canvak™ as a more budget-friendly alternative. It will achieve that same great look!

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