8 comments on “How many Yards? A Visual Yardage Guide for Slipcovers.

  • […] How many Yards? A Visual Yardage Guide for Slipcovers. […]

    • Big Duck Canvas

      Yes, all based on 59″/60″ rolls. Thanks!

  • Irene Goodall

    Are the estimated yardages above on the the quick yardage guide for slip covers based on 60″ w duck cloth? Thanks.

  • Pam Wiechmann

    Hi Big Duck Canvas. I sent an email to you a few weeks ago and still no reply. Can you please look into this? Thanks!

  • Gary schiller

    Can I get a sample of the numbered canvas?

  • Pamela Singletary

    My Name is Pam, I left a voice message indicating that I need to make changes to my online order of January 3, 2021. Please call me at the number left on voicemail.

  • Gina DiGiovanni

    As a slipcover manufacturer, this chart is inaccurate and can mislead people into thinking they need less yardage than they do. I recommend your company to all my clients.

  • Willie

    I’m interested in a clear vinyl to patch up my dome

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