A few months ago we made a fun video tutorial for a Play Tipi.  The kind of Tipi you would set up for kids or use as party decor.  I used our Sunforger®Army Duck, so it can even battle the elements outside!

Anyway, for those of you who just want some dimensions to get started I listed them out above.  It’s important to remember that these are just basic shapes and you can adjust the dimensions based on the space you have or the materials available to you.  These dimensions were the result of having 12 yards of 60″ wide canvas and 8ft poles available to me.  Of course I wanted to make the biggest Tipi I could.

I have talked to several people about pole options lately and I wanted to share them here.  Round wooden poles at the hardware store will look really nice, but they are not your ONLY option.  You could also use 2x2s!  They are inexpensive and will be just as stable.  Another good option is bamboo if you have it growing in your area.

Its a play Tipi, so have FUN!

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3 comments on “Play Tipi Video Tutorial and Dimensions

  • Don Tietz

    Shawn Mitchell: Confirming tele call. I am making tipi for schools in Algona, Iowa. diameter approx. size 18 feet. Height approx. 12 feet, perhaps more to fit design.

  • Balleriina

    Amanda is a rock star! Thanks specification Big Duck…

  • Terry Clark

    Can you please tell me how you cut the floor. For instance;
    1. How much yardage is needed to cut one piece of the floor?
    2. How many inches in from the raw edge (going left to right on the salvage edge) do you start measuring the 55 inches?
    3. At what angle do you measure up to the right and left angles to get 42 inches?
    In your video it looks as if you’re going in about 6 inches (measuring from raw edge along salvage) when you start measuring upward to get 42 inches. That isn’t working on my canvas.

    Can you help me please?
    Terry Clark

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