white bouncy castle

We just launched  18oz and  13oz Vinyl Fabrics.  All of which are fire retardant.  Being the hands on girl at Big Duck Canvas I get to figure out all the things we can make with it beyond the basics.  Of course the first thing that comes to mind is a Bouncy Castle (duh), but before that let’s discuss how to work with this stuff.

Sewing It: A high end home machine can handle this fabric, but more than likely your project will call for a heavy thread.  This vinyl fabric can handle a lot of stress, so your seams need to be able to do the same.  So, we recommend  the appropriate heavy thread for your project and your industrial machine. Also, since the vinyl is fire retardant why not use a fire retardant thread as well.

Heat Sealing: To be honest we have not tried this method ourselves, but we have watched several You Tube videos that demonstrate the basic technique pretty well.  The equipment you would be need is pretty costly and would only make sense if you were manufacturing a product that required heat sealed seams.

Cement: Cement is ideal for patching the vinyl or attaching cut out letters instead of sewing them.  Cement for vinyl is easy to find all over the web.  Amazon carries HH-66

I am looking forward to getting this fabric on my sewing machine to start experimenting and see how it sews, so I can start planning the DIY Bouncy Castle!

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