I want people to know about Big Duck Canvas because I like my job and I want to be good at it, but also as a fabric designer, maker and hardcore crafter, I want everyone to know where the deals are for sewing projects.

Adding products to the closeout/discount category is one of my favorite things to do. Products in this category could be Overstock Grade A fabrics, Factory Seconds, or Closeouts that for some reason or another didn’t meet certain specifications.  This could just mean the dye wasn’t the exact right color, but everything else is perfect.  We really try to make sure to let customers know exactly what the flaw is IF there is ANY.  If there do happen to be flaws they will be pretty minor and we price it accordingly.

In most cases with this category when the fabric is gone, its ALL GONE.  Occasionally we are able to keep a few things around for a while like our 12oz heavyweight cotton duck fabric (factory seconds), but its best for customers to assume that they may not be able to get that same exact fabric again. If you are seeking continuity for a product, our standard fabric lines are the way to go.

We recently just got in a Cotton Linen Blend Upholstery Fabric in a pretty Oatmeal color. It has a nice crisp feel that makes it really easy to work with. After doing some research we found that this fabric is typically sold for around $23/yd! We were very excited to be able to offer something so nice for much much less ($5.49-8.99/yd).


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