At Big Duck Canvas we offer a wide variety of fabrics to fit any project, but one question we receive weekly is “what is organic canvas?”. Well, we have an answer for you!

The simple answer is organic canvas is made with organic cotton. This cotton is grown without pesticides and excludes toxic chemicals during the processing of the crop. The reduction of these chemicals not only has benefits to the users but also helps the environment. Organic farming supports a regenerative agriculture cycle by encouraging healthy soil and therefore improves the land producing better crops each yield! We can’t argue with that!

But why should you opt for the organic canvas instead of non-organic?

  • Your goal is to be environmentally friendly.
    • Right now, it is very on-trend for people to buy “organic” and “fair trade”, so if you’re selling products made with organic canvas then you’re on-trend too! Customers who are buying organic are more likely to flock to your product vs your competitors’ if you’re supplying them with eco-friendly options!
  • You’re looking for an alternative to hemp canvas.
    • Historically, canvas was made with hemp fiber. In fact, it was used for thousands of years and produced durable textiles in massive quantities. The term “canvas” even derives from hemp’s scientific name. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that cotton became the primary source of canvas. Fabric made from hemp has grown in popularity in the past few years, but it is much more expensive than cotton. Many customers find organic cotton as a suitable substitute for organic hemp. Organic cotton canvas has the same environmental benefits as hemp, and it is much more affordable!

  • You want to provide your customers with a softer, hypo-allergenic product.
    • In the processing of non-organic cotton, along with the use of heavy chemicals, production can sometimes include chlorine and heavy metals. Even in the process of dyeing or preparing for dye, non-organic cotton will have chemical dyes and whiteners while organic cotton uses natural or water-based dyes, and peroxide for whitening. The change in processing can prevent skin problems like eczema!

So, if you want to be environmentally friendly or make hypo-allergenic products, consider switching to our organic line! Available in 10oz Non-Preshrunk Natural, or 10oz Preshrunk in White, Natural, Prepared for Dye (White), or Black!

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