At Big Duck Canvas, we pride ourselves on selling wholesale prices to retail customers! We love making sure our customers are getting the best deal on their fabric, that’s why in January we debuted our Wholesale Trade Account application! But what is this?

This program is specifically for our customers who own a business. We want to make sure that your fabric cost is as low as we can make it so that you can make the most profit!

But how do you know that your business will benefit from our Wholesale Trade Account?

  • Your product requires you to make large bulk orders.
    • One of the best benefits of the B2B partnership is our bulk order discounts! If you’re production requires a lot of fabric or if you like to buy all your fabric at once, our bulk discounts can help you save money!
  • You live in a state that would require you to pay sales tax.
    •  When you provide your W-9 and resale certificate that qualifies you for purchases without sales tax.
  • You want to take advantage of the free samples.
    • Here at Big Duck Canvas we charge a small fee for samples, but with the B2B account your samples are free! That means if we get a new product in that you want to try, or if you decide to add a new product to your line, you will always receive the samples for free!  
  • Your business would benefit from a dedicated account manager.
    • If your business is new or you’re beginning the prototype phase of a new project a dedicated account manager is there to answer any questions you might have. As a B2B Partner your account manager will answer your calls and emails knowledgeably with your specific company in mind.

In addition to all these benefits, we now offer services to help your production go smoothly!

  • Automated CNC Contract Textile Cutting
    • Our high speed, multi-ply textile cutting delivers highly-accurate cutting of many different types of fabric for large and small manufacturers, independent makers and Etsy sellers.
  • Sewing Service
    • For your design-driven projects, this sewn production service can help eliminate some of the tedium involved in producing your designs.
  • Fabric Printing
    • With today’s technology, we can print virtually any design on a wide variety of fabrics. Using a process known as ‘dye sublimation,’ digital fabric printing can turn your vision, your design into durable printed fabric.
  • Custom Dye Lots
    • From brand-specific colors to Pantone® color matching fabric, custom dye lots can provide the color-specific textiles required for your application. We work directly with our mills to deliver the color you specify.
  • Fire Retardant Treatment
    • All our fabrics are eligible to be Fire Retardant treated, regardless of yardage! When you call to place your order, make sure to ask your sales representative if this would work well with your product!

Does this sound like something that would be an advantage to your business? Follow this link to submit your application!

Don’t forget to attach your W-9 and Resale certificate! 

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