The Perfect Canvas! #12 Cotton Duck

What makes the perfect Canvas? Depending on your application this could be a wide range of answers. If you want the heaviest our#1 is perfect; for the most colors our 10oz is it; the smoothest texture check out army duck. The best marine canvas, its Outdura. So, why do I say #12 is perfect?

#12 is extremely versatile with its 11.5oz easy to work with & manage weight.  It is double filled, so it is going to be a bit stronger than a 12oz single fill.  The weave is extremely dense similar to an army duck, but with a bit more texture.  The width selection is incredible from 36″ all the way to 144″.  It also comes primed as an Artist Canvas in widths from 60″-96″.   The weight of this canvas is appropriate for so many project applications and it is easy to dye.  Big Duck Canvas prices on #12 canvas are the most impressive with generous wholesale bulk discounts.  Check it out or request a sample.


Build Your Own Artist Canvas – Video Guide

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It is one thing to love to paint and make art, it is another to actually be doing it.   One of the biggest obstacles creative people have is the proper setup and materials on hand when there is time and inspiration to create something.  I am all about improvising with whatever you have, but nothing beats pushing paint around on a nice stretched canvas.

It can take some time to get your canvas ready, so if you are going to make one canvas you might as well make several to have around. I like to use 2×2’s to make my frame.  You can have them cut exactly to the lengths you want at the hardware store!

At Big Duck Canvas we carry primed and unprimed canvas.  There are things I like about using both types.   Obvioulsy, primed artist canvas is a huge time saver especially for really large paintings.  Primed is a little more expensive than unprimed, BUT you dont have to buy gesso, so that even outs especially since our primed canvas has THREE coats.  Primed Artist canvas also has a really amazing uniform surface.  If I was selling paintings I would be more comfortable using the Primed Canvas for sure.

If you like to use canvas for other projects besides paintings its nice to have unprimed around along with some gesso.  10oz & 12oz Cotton Ducks are amazing for so many projects including paintings.  Check out the video if you would like to see how I stretch 10oz unprimed canvas.