The Perfect Canvas! #12 Cotton Duck

What makes the perfect Canvas? Depending on your application this could be a wide range of answers. If you want the heaviest our#1 is perfect; for the most colors our 10oz is it; the smoothest texture check out army duck. The best marine canvas, its Outdura. So, why do I say #12 is perfect?

#12 is extremely versatile with its 11.5oz easy to work with & manage weight.  It is double filled, so it is going to be a bit stronger than a 12oz single fill.  The weave is extremely dense similar to an army duck, but with a bit more texture.  The width selection is incredible from 36″ all the way to 144″.  It also comes primed as an Artist Canvas in widths from 60″-96″.   The weight of this canvas is appropriate for so many project applications and it is easy to dye.  Big Duck Canvas prices on #12 canvas are the most impressive with generous wholesale bulk discounts.  Check it out or request a sample.


Just a Good Ole’ Summer Sale! A list of 6 Great Fabric Steals!

The discount fabric category in our store in growing and growing!  We have added MANY new things and want to spread the word!  If you buy fabric on a regular basis it is worth taking a look!  The biweekly newsletter is the best way to find out about these deals first.  It has become almost devoted to promoting our Closeout fabric additions.


preshrunk-organic-cotton-canvas-graphic-green        primed-artist-canvas-closeout-rolls-yellow

Here is a list of some our standout closeout fabrics:

1. 100% Hemp –  8oz Natural Linen $4.20/YD – This fabric looks and feels like Linen.  Hemp is an amazing fiber and is usually extremely costly. This 8oz is lightweight and would be ideal for draperies and table linens.
2. Outdoor Stripe Synthetic Canvas $3.50/YD – A great basic stripe for outdoor decor.  It is not waterproof, but will hold up outdoors and dry fast.
3. 8oz Primed Artist Canvas Rolls $3.75/YD – This is as cheap as it gets for primed artist canvas without any loss of quality.  This is steal.
4. 12oz  Bull Denim – Walnut Brown $4.40/YD – Bull Denim is extremely tough and makes great slipcovers.  This is a rich walnut brown.
5. Preshrunk Organic Cotton Canvas $7.00/YD– We have discontinued some of our first quality 10oz Preshrunk Organic dyed colors.  Great colors and a great price for anything Preshrunk!
6. Outdoor Synthetic Canvas in Assorted Colors $3.75/YD – We have a great assortment of high quality outdoor synthetic fabrics.  These go fast, but we add new rolls each week.

Everybody Wins : The Easiest Way to Source Wholesale Fabric

One of the first things our new customers ask is for a wholesale price list or how to get setup for wholesale. Before I worked at Big Duck Canvas, I actually called and asked the same questions.  As a sourcing manager, I was accustomed to spending half a day to provide a huge amount of company information to access some modest wholesale discounts and high minimums.  When I was told the prices on the Big Duck Canvas website were all wholesale, I was skeptical since I had been trained to think the best prices were hidden. After doing some research I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were the most competitive I had found. I am happy to report that Big Duck Canvas is refreshingly different from traditional wholesale vendors.


So, here is the deal. The prices you see are all wholesale prices and will automatically give you the appropriate price based on your order size. The first price break starts at just 10 yards and just gets better and better. There are no price secrets and no hidden logins. Often retail websites will have a similar setup to give the illusion of wholesale, but the prices are not that great.

We offer the best of both worlds. The more you buy the deeper the bulk discount. Typically, businesses buy in large bulk and take advantage of our best wholesale prices and customers who buy less still take advantage of first tier wholesale rates and avoid overpriced retail.  We do not feel that it is necessary to hide the big discounts from the general public with logins. If you have any questions we are always happy to help.

A Guide to Buying Wholesale Factory Seconds & Closeout Fabric

We have posted about this topic before on our blog, but with our Discount Category growing weekly with great new bargain fabrics, we want everyone to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase fabrics from this category.


1. A KILLER DEAL.  All of the fabrics we offer are listed at the lowest prices around and when you go visit our discount category the deals just keep getting better.

2.  A Nicer Fabric than Described.  Many of our fabrics that are in the discount bin are excellent high quality fabrics.  If we are aware of any flaws we do our best to indicate this on our website, but most of the time we cannot visibly see any flaws.

3. A Closeout, A Factory Second, or Overstock Fabric. We will indicate which of the three the fabric is classified as.  A CLOSEOUT is a factory first, Grade A Fabric!  A fabric is closeout when there is just a small inventory left and we can no longer guarantee continuity, so we discount the fabric. A FACTORY SECOND is just that, a second.  It was classified as B Grade by our mill, but still a great fabric. If we know why it is B Grade we will indicate this in the listing.  An OVERSTOCK FABRIC is a factory first Grade A Fabric in most cases, but often it can also be a second.  We will always indicate this in our listings.

4. A Limited Supply.  Occasionally, we get some repeat products in our discount category, but chances are most products are a one time deal.  If you see something you like feel free to give us a call to see how much we have on hand.  If you are manufacturing a product it is best to source your materials from our standard product line if continuity is important.