One of the first things our new customers ask is for a wholesale price list or how to get setup for wholesale. Before I worked at Big Duck Canvas, I actually called and asked the same questions.  As a sourcing manager, I was accustomed to spending half a day to provide a huge amount of company information to access some modest wholesale discounts and high minimums.  When I was told the prices on the Big Duck Canvas website were all wholesale, I was skeptical since I had been trained to think the best prices were hidden. After doing some research I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were the most competitive I had found. I am happy to report that Big Duck Canvas is refreshingly different from traditional wholesale vendors.


So, here is the deal. The prices you see are all wholesale prices and will automatically give you the appropriate price based on your order size. The first price break starts at just 10 yards and just gets better and better. There are no price secrets and no hidden logins. Often retail websites will have a similar setup to give the illusion of wholesale, but the prices are not that great.

We offer the best of both worlds. The more you buy the deeper the bulk discount. Typically, businesses buy in large bulk and take advantage of our best wholesale prices and customers who buy less still take advantage of first tier wholesale rates and avoid overpriced retail.  We do not feel that it is necessary to hide the big discounts from the general public with logins. If you have any questions we are always happy to help.

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