Waxed Canvas is our most expensive canvas fabric per yard.  We strive to offer fabrics that are the best prices around and we knew waxed canvas would be more expensive to offer. After experimenting with several different wax finishes we finally found one that we feel is worth the added cost. It is amazing and  I recently asked if I could get any work reimbursements in the form of waxed canvas instead of money. Here’s why…


Waxed canvas has a long lifespan and can easily be compared to leather in the way it patinas and looks better with age.  The marks you see in the graphic above are called “craze marks”  They add a desired character that many designers are aiming for, but can also easily be removed by applying heat.  Although waxed canvas cost more than regular canvas it is still a fraction of the cost of leather.

This material has all the advantages of Army Duck with a refined wax finish adding better performance and beauty. Outdoor enthusiasts & survivalist have been wax coating canvas for years in order to better protect their cotton gear from the elements. Home recipes for coating your own canvas call for ingredients like turpentine and linseed oil.  Both of which create a strong odor and leave a heavy residue. Our waxed canvas is made with a refined non toxic treatment that does not have an odor and will not transfer to other surfaces.  If you have ever tried to coat your own canvas you will appreciate the extra cost and would be amazed at the quality of this fabric.

It was important to offer a waxed canvas fabric that would be easier to work with than traditional waxed products.  In production, waxed canvas has been know to leave a build up of wax on the sewing needle and be a headache to sew.  Thankfully, this is not the case with this fabric.  I am looking forward to featuring this great product in a future video.  We currently offer two great shades of waxed canvas : Olive Drab and Saddle Brown.  Check them out and request your samples!

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