Major retailers like Pottery Barn and J.Crew are all offering bags and accessories these days.  For the men, The Dopp Kit has become a standard. Just like a cosmetic bag, it’s going to spend a lot of time on the bathroom counter top. The fabric you use should be water resistant and pretty heavy duty for such a small accessory bag.  Sewing heavyweight fabrics can be tricky on such a small scale, so there is a balance of fabrics that will be the best performing and most manageable to sew. Here is a list of the best fabrics to consider for Dopp Kits with some real examples of of each thrown in.


  1. Waxed Canvas seems to be the most popular choice for Dopp Kits these days. It’s heavy duty, okay to get wet on a regular basis and it looks upscale with leather trim and vintage brass details.  Check out examples on Land’s End, J.Crew, and Etsy.  All of these are made with waxed canvas fabric.
  2. #10 (15oz)  Double Filled Cotton Duck will require an industrial sewing machine and experienced seamstress. It can be a challenge to handle with small scale patterns, but the results are worth it! We have some good color variety to choose from. Blue Claw Co has a dopp kit that is 14oz. that looks really heavy duty and durable.
  3. Army Duck Fabric is one of easiest fabrics to sew on this list and one of the most durable.  It is 10.10oz with the dense army duck weave for the best of both worlds.
  4. 600 Denier Polyester (or 600D) is commonly used for the exterior and interior of the bag, sometimes even as a bottom trim for extra stability. It is a dream to sew! Our solution dyed polyester is made to battle the elements, so the bathroom sink is easy. Pottery Barn and OGIO on Amazon are both examples of Dopp Kits that are made with 600 Denier Polyester.
  5. 1000 Denier Polyester (1000D) is very similar to 600 Denier, just a bit heavier.  It can more than handle duty as a Dopp Kit.  This fabric is commonly used for luggage and outdoor gear bags. Check out DSPTCH.
  6. 12oz Cotton Duck is often referred to as our most versatile fabric.  It’s heavy enough to be durable yet drapes well enough to be used in decor applications.  Check out the savings we offer on our 12oz Heavyweight 100% Ring-Spun Cotton Duck Factory Seconds … these would make some very nice shaving bags. Maybe the 12oz Cotton Duck in brown with leather trim!  Here are a couple of Dopp Kits that look very similar to our 12oz Cotton Duck on Pottery Barn and Etsy.
  7. Linings – Coated synthetic fabrics and lightweight vinyls are perfect for the interior as these can simply be wiped down to clean. Our 600 Denier Coated Polyester makes a great lining!
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