When I hear the term twill weave I automatically hear in my head “over one under two, over one under two.”  Of course it doesn’t have to be under two, it could be three or more, but this basic pattern is what makes it a twill. It is all about that diagonal line.  Unless you are wearing yoga pants you are probably wearing a twill right now. Along with plainweave it one of the most common basic weave types used in textiles.

Two very common twill fabrics are Bull Denim and Regular Denim.  Have you ever wondered what makes these fabrics different or why your blue jeans are white on the back?


Both Denim and Bull Denim are produced in a wide range of weights. Our Made in the USA Bull Denim comes in 12oz Natural and Preshrunk White.  The twill diagonal weave is durable and drapes great making it ideal for home decor applications such as slipcovers and draperies.

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