Moving from a Home Machine to an Industrial Sewing Machine.

Everybody knows that Industrial Sewing Machines are more powerful work tools, but there are a lot of amazing home sewing machines that are capable of a lot more than they get credit for.  I can vouch for this after using a Bernina Activa 125 for the last 12 years to sew pretty much anything I [...]

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Sewing Basics: How To Sew a Simple Tote Bag

I love this sewing project because these simple steps can be used to make a simple market shopper for a high end carryall that you might see featured in a style magazine or pinned a gazillion times.  These steps are also easily built upon to add a zipper, add hardware, add pockets, trims, or any [...]

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Play Tipi Video Tutorial and Dimensions

A few months ago we made a fun video tutorial for a Play Tipi.  The kind of Tipi you would set up for kids or use as party decor.  I used our Sunforger®Army Duck, so it can even battle the elements outside! Anyway, for those of you who just want some dimensions to get started I listed them out above.  It's important [...]

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How many Yards? A Visual Yardage Guide for Slipcovers.

When making slip covers or re-upholstering furniture, you might need an idea of how much fabric will be required for the project. Use our "Slip Cover and Upholstery Yardage Estimator" to get a rough idea of the amount you'll need.

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Q&A with The Slipcover Maker: Karen Powell

What do you get when you combine a product designer with professional sewing abilities and an extensive understanding of textiles plus 30 year's experience to back it up? If you are lucky you will get the person who will be doing your next furniture makeover.  This is Karen Powell of The Slipcover Maker. Karen first learned [...]

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Pre-washing Cotton Canvas Yardage Before Sewing

You just got your brand new canvas and it is so smooth and nicely packaged. The last thing you want to do is throw it in the washing machine! In my slip cover video I used preshrunk 10 oz canvas, so I was happy to skip the washing and dive right in to cutting and [...]

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