Army Duck:The Best for Screenprinting & More!

Along with its many popular uses, Army Duck is one of the best canvas fabrics to screen print! The surface has a very smooth texture created by the densely woven cotton fibers allowing for very fine detail in printing. If you are creating a screen printed bag of any type make sure to get some our Army Duck fabric samples and see for yourself! Here is a quick video of our 10.10oz Army Duck Cotton Canvas.

We offer custom Sunforger® finishes and custom dye lots on our canvas fabrics. Our in-stock color options are limited on Army Duck, but we can work with you to create your own custom colors!

Fiber Reactive Dyes are PERFECT for Cotton!

One of the most enjoyable things to do with natural cotton canvas is the dye it!  My personal favorite type of dye for cotton is MX Fiber Reactive Dye.  Companies like Prochemical (east coast) and Dharma Trading (west coast) carry it.  My favorite thing about this dye is that it does not have to be heat activated, so it can easily be done outside without burners.  Fiber Reactive dye also leaves behind less waste than the other dyes.  You might have heard the term “low impact dyes” used to describe a dyed product?  Well, I have actually spent a great deal of time speaking with chemists from both of the companies listed above to be sure of the dyes that term is referencing and the truth is that its just another made up term.  All dyes have impact, even natural dyes that require heavy metals used to mordant (pretreat fibers) to accept the natural dyes.   Fiber Reactive dyes are the most gentle dyes out there that will achieve vibrant colors.   The most important thing is to dispose of your leftover dye bath safely. Both of these companies suggest a few things to go with your MX Dye, but I usually just buy the dye activator and it works great.

If you are looking for a certain result make sure to test and make notes and keep recipes.  I typically don’t ever keep notes because I just get so carried away mixing colors.  You never know what you will get!  Have fun!


Sewing Basics: How To Sew a Simple Tote Bag

I love this sewing project because these simple steps can be used to make a simple market shopper for a high end carryall that you might see featured in a style magazine or pinned a gazillion times.  These steps are also easily built upon to add a zipper, add hardware, add pockets, trims, or any kind of embellishment imaginable!  I don’t want to get hung up on the dimensions because to be honest its a rectangle that I thought looked like a good size.  I cut it out and cut the rest of the rectangles to that same size.  Just remember that whatever size you like, you will loose a little in your seams.  So let’s get started!