Still Cutting Bulk Patterns by Hand?

Let's face it: pattern cutting is tedious, time-consuming and not a favorite aspect of the process for most makers. We have an affordable solution to your production bottleneck! Our CNC fabric cutting service can make short work of your repetitive pattern cutting and free you up to focus on other more important (or enjoyable!) aspects of your product's manufacturing.

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VIDEO CLOSE UP: USA White Bull Denim

Over 1, under 3, Repeat.

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Sewing Basics: How To Sew a Simple Tote Bag

I love this sewing project because these simple steps can be used to make a simple market shopper for a high end carryall that you might see featured in a style magazine or pinned a gazillion times.  These steps are also easily built upon to add a zipper, add hardware, add pockets, trims, or any [...]

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Q&A with The Slipcover Maker: Karen Powell

What do you get when you combine a product designer with professional sewing abilities and an extensive understanding of textiles plus 30 year's experience to back it up? If you are lucky you will get the person who will be doing your next furniture makeover.  This is Karen Powell of The Slipcover Maker. Karen first learned [...]

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