Recover Sling Back Outdoor Chairs Without Sewing!

In a recent video we used Outdura Marine & Awning Canvas to recover a chair for outdoor use.  This approach will work on any sling back beach chair.  Outdura fabric has 10 year warranty, so it was our first choice for  long lasting results!

Materials Used:

Outdura Marine & Awning Canvas (I used 4.5 yds, but this number will vary depending on the chair, so always measure!)

Antique Brass Eyelets (21 used per chair)

Hot Knife for cutting the Outdura Solution Dyed Acrylic to prevent fraying on the exposed edge

Seam Tape



The Best Outdoor Fabric

It all starts with the fiber, which is Acrylic. Acrylic definitely doesn’t sound fancy, especially since most people are familiar with it from its common use in apparel as a cheaper alternative to things like wool and cashmere. Have you seen the extremely brightly colored acrylic yarns at the craft store? The acrylic yarns are the brightest because of the fibers natural ability to absorb and hold onto color extremely well. So how does this common fiber become what we call the “BEST OUTDOOR FABRIC?”

outdura upholstery fabric

During the solution dyeing process the acrylic is actually dyed while it is still in a soft viscous state. The dye becomes apart of this fiber substance along with other stabilizers permanently locking in color. Propriety Outdura™ finishes prevent water, dirt, humidity from permeating the surface. Acrylic does not support mold or mildew growth and can even be cleaned with bleach. The finished Outdura fabric comes with a 5 year warranty !

For a long time the 9.5oz fabric was made for awnings and umbrellas. Solution dyed acrylic fabric gained its long lasting reputation through that use. The fabrics ability to maintain rich color for years and years is fantastic! Now Outdura offers solution dyed acrylic in a lighter 8oz weight perfect for outdoor upholstery. It is softer and user friendly on any type of sewing machine. Basically its an awning fabric you can cover your furniture with that has a soft feel!

So yes, it sounds a whole lot like Sunbrella. Sunbrella also makes their fabrics with the same acrylic fiber and same warranty. There are many similarities, but a few big differences that led us to Outdura. Before we distributed either fabric we did a little homework. Check out our article Outdura vs. Sunbrella.

We are offering great wholesale prices and bulk discounts on our Outdura fabric. As usual we offer fabric samples so you can see for yourself!

Best New Outdoor Fabric for Awnings and Umbrellas

wholesale outdura UV marine fabricThere are only a couple of places in the world making 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric. It is the most popular fabric for UV-protected marine applications. This material fits the bill for everything you need a fabric to be for awnings and umbrellas. It is mildew and water repellent. The colors are vibrant and will remain that way because the fibers are dyed before they are even spun into yarn! Liquid acrylic dye fully encases wool-like fiber becoming a new ‘super fiber’ which is woven into solution dyed acrylic canvas. The surface is completely uniform and has the ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions that would make any other fabric fade. This fabric is also machine washable and breathable. We plan to carry many more options in the future, but for now we have a great limited time price on 9.5oz Beach Blue Outdura®. Outdura is the direct competitor of Sunbrella. We are huge fans of Outdura. They have stayed on top of perfecting their fabric to be the best at what they do. As usual, outdoor fabric samples are available!