In with the NEW! SeaDuck Marine & Awning Fabric

The newest innovations in Marine & Awning Canvas are here! SeaDuck Fabric Marine & Awning Textile Solutions sold exclusively by Big Duck Canvas. The 100% Solution dyed acrylic yarns are sourced from Dolan, the leading manufacturer in the world of acrylic yarns. Dolan is well known in the industry for producing the most vibrant long [...]

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The Best Outdoor Fabric

It all starts with the fiber, which is Acrylic. Acrylic definitely doesn't sound fancy, especially since most people are familiar with it from its common use in apparel as a cheaper alternative to things like wool and cashmere. Have you seen the extremely brightly colored acrylic yarns at the craft store? The acrylic yarns are [...]

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6 Of The Most Common Fabrics Sourced to Make Dopp Kits

Major retailers like Pottery Barn and J.Crew are all offering bags and accessories these days.  For the men, The Dopp Kit has become a standard. Just like a cosmetic bag, it's going to spend a lot of time on the bathroom counter top. The fabric you use should be water resistant and pretty heavy duty [...]

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