Best New Outdoor Fabric for Awnings & Umbrellas


There are only a couple places in the world making 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric.  It is the most popular fabric for UV Marine Applications.  This material fits the bill for everything you need a fabric to be for awnings and umbrellas.  It is mildew and water repellent.  The colors are vibrant and will remain that way because the fibers are dyed before they are even spun into yarn! Liquid acrylic dye fully encases wool fiber becoming a new super fiber which is woven into Solution Dyed Acrylic Canvas. The surface is completely uniform with the ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions that would make any other fabric fade. This fabric is also machine washable and breathable.  We hope to be carrying many more options in the future, but for now we have a great limited time price on 9.5oz Beach Blue Outdura®.  Outdura is the direct competitor of Sunbrella.  We are huge fans of Outdura®. They have stayed on top of perfecting there fabric to be the best at what they do. As usual, free samples are available!

2 thoughts on “Best New Outdoor Fabric for Awnings & Umbrellas

    1. Hi Samuel, Oudura® fabrics are famous for their skin protection guarantee and because of the high quality acrylic, the shade will last many many years without fading. Shades that get hot beneath them allow a lot of sunlight to pass through and that is not the case with Outdura fabric. Thanks for the visit.


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