In with the NEW! SeaDuck Marine & Awning Fabric

The newest innovations in Marine & Awning Canvas are here! SeaDuck Fabric Marine & Awning Textile Solutions sold exclusively by Big Duck Canvas. The 100% Solution dyed acrylic yarns are sourced from Dolan, the leading manufacturer in the world of acrylic yarns. Dolan is well known in the industry for producing the most vibrant long [...]

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Clear Vinyl for Boats & Tents!

Clear Vinyl comes in handy in so many outdoor applications. 20 gauge is the perfect weight to sew yet outdoor projects.  Our clear vinyl is double polished for the best clarity available!  It is also fire retardant and mildew proof.  Check out our quick little video to take a closer look at the material.  Let [...]

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Recover Sling Back Outdoor Chairs Without Sewing!

In a recent video we used Outdura Marine & Awning Canvas to recover a chair for outdoor use.  This approach will work on any sling back beach chair.  Outdura fabric has 10 year warranty, so it was our first choice for  long lasting results! Materials Used: Outdura Marine & Awning Canvas (I used 4.5 yds, [...]

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The Best Outdoor Fabric

It all starts with the fiber, which is Acrylic. Acrylic definitely doesn't sound fancy, especially since most people are familiar with it from its common use in apparel as a cheaper alternative to things like wool and cashmere. Have you seen the extremely brightly colored acrylic yarns at the craft store? The acrylic yarns are [...]

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The Tent Canvas: Sunforger® Army Duck

Sunforger® Army Duck is the go to fabric for tents and tipis!  It is water repellent, mold, and mildew resistant.  It also comes in a Fire Retardant option which is required for event spaces and enclosures.  Check out the possibilities of this fabric and let us know if you need any help sourcing fabric for [...]

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Best Secret Fabric : Carcloth Sunforger®

It's water and mildew resistant! It's a great earthy color called Mineral Suntan. We love this fabric. We started carrying it due to the requests of some customers who wanted it for its "intended" purpose of making car covers. The fabric is ideal for soft, cozy protective covers for vehicles that keep the weather out [...]

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Burn Test: 3 Fire Retardant Wholesale Fabrics

Currently we offer 3 types of Fire Retardant Fabrics: 10.10oz FR Sunforger, 18oz Industrial Vinyl, and 12oz Duvetyne. They each meet the NFPA-701 requirements.  We get a lot of questions about what fire retardant actually means, so here is a simple quick video that shows what our Fire Retardant fabrics do when held to a flame.

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