Authentic Canvas Sunforger Tipis

If you haven’t already noticed there are tipi’s popping up everywhere!  They are being used for kids rooms, wedding decor and for there actual original purpose of shelter and warmth!  This is a trend not just in the US, but all over the world!

If you ever wondered what the really good TiPi fabric is that has that sturdy authentic look, its called Sunforger® Army Duck ! It has several things going for it that make it really the most popular choice for Tipis.  A few weeks ago I got some great photos from Annette of Opua Canvas Auto & Marine Trimmers in New Zealand. She made the TiPi you see below.  I am really impressed,especially after making my own tipi video tutorial. I appreciate her allowing me to share her photos.  Do you see that her TiPi has a campfire inside?  Thankfully, Sunforger is fire retardant!

Authentic Canvas Tipis and Tents

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