We have posted about this topic before on our blog, but with our Discount Category growing weekly with great new bargain fabrics, we want everyone to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase fabrics from this category.


1. A KILLER DEAL.  All of the fabrics we offer are listed at the lowest prices around and when you go visit our discount category the deals just keep getting better.

2.  A Nicer Fabric than Described.  Many of our fabrics that are in the discount bin are excellent high quality fabrics.  If we are aware of any flaws we do our best to indicate this on our website, but most of the time we cannot visibly see any flaws.

3. A Closeout, A Factory Second, or Overstock Fabric. We will indicate which of the three the fabric is classified as.  A CLOSEOUT is a factory first, Grade A Fabric!  A fabric is closeout when there is just a small inventory left and we can no longer guarantee continuity, so we discount the fabric. A FACTORY SECOND is just that, a second.  It was classified as B Grade by our mill, but still a great fabric. If we know why it is B Grade we will indicate this in the listing.  An OVERSTOCK FABRIC is a factory first Grade A Fabric in most cases, but often it can also be a second.  We will always indicate this in our listings.

4. A Limited Supply.  Occasionally, we get some repeat products in our discount category, but chances are most products are a one time deal.  If you see something you like feel free to give us a call to see how much we have on hand.  If you are manufacturing a product it is best to source your materials from our standard product line if continuity is important.

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  • Siggy Janzen

    Thank you so much for sending me samples so fast! Love the fabrics and will show them to my customers this week. Siggy Janzen

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