What do all generations of Americans have in common?  Since I am in textiles, I would have to say, The Outdoor Room!  Now, what they are all doing in their outdoor space is very different, but they all still want this designated space at home.  This is why you see patio furniture cluttering the aisles at major chain grocery stores and spilling into the fire lanes out front. Along with patio furniture there are fabrics, which is where Big Duck Canvas comes in and thankfully, we wont clutter the aisles. If you are looking for a great outdoor fabric our selections is growing weekly.  We are more than happy to help you determine which fabric will work the best for your project.

popular-outdoor-fabrics1. 600 Denier Solution Dyed Polyester– If fabric is solution dyed, the color will survive the sun far longer than a VAT dyed fabric.  This fabric is great for making a wide range of outdoor covers and awnings.  It is also a great option for outdoor seat cushions and similar decor items.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Canopy Fabric–  If you want to make clean simple pull down shades you have seen on Pinterest this is the fabric you want!  The neutral shades are beautiful and fabric lets in just enought light while blocking 95% of UV light.

3. 10.10oz Sunforger®– This is our most popular outdoor fabric!  It is breathable cotton that can be used for outdoor tipis and tents.  It can also be used for outdoor upholstery and decor.  It has a anti mildew finish and is offered in a Fire Retardant option.  The possibilities are endless! We also offer the same fabric without the treaments as our standard 10.10 Army Duck.

4. Waxed Canvas– This fabric is beautiful!  It can handle the outdoors, but it is used for many high end accessory and home decor products. It is a 10.10 Army Duck with a refined wax finish. If you really like our Sunforger®, but would like a color other than Natural this could be your answer.

5. Industrial Vinyl Fabrics– These are our most heavy duty outdoor all purpose fabrics.  They are extremely waterproof, tear resistant, fire retardant, and will not mildew. Check out our truck cover video to see how we used the fabric.

6. Outdoor Closeouts of Assorted Varieties– We recently launched a whole new category of discount outdoor fabrics.  These fabrics are typically very high end fabrics, but since we are selling them as factory seconds and closeouts the brand will not be listed.  We will list the recommend uses and any flaws we are aware of.  This is a great place to get some very nice material for your project.

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