The majority of our fabrics are perfect for slipcovers. Our 10oz fabrics are very popular, our new USA-made fabrics are great, and our 12oz options are becoming more and more popular too. All great options with equally-great results. One fabric that tends to get overlooked for slipcover use is Army Duck. It’s an amazing quality cotton fabric worth considering!


1. Extremely Dense Weave
Army duck has the tightest weave of all of our cotton ducks.  The tigher the weave the less likely moisture and spills will soak in. There is a reason this fabric is used to make shelters and tents.

2. Lifespan
After years of use army duck tent fabric is often re-purposed and sewn into other things. People are using reclaimed army tent canvas for all kinds of accessory items and decor.  This is the same kind of fabric we offer, just brand NEW!  Army Duck is going to hold up well as a slipcover and when you are ready for a new look, the fabric will still be useful.

3. Army Duck Fabric Looks Beautiful Natural or Dyed
Cotton fabric is easy to dye at home using fiber reactive dyes. The tight weave of the army duck allows for the dye to absorb very slowly creating a very soft shade of the chosen color.

4. Army Duck Shrinks LESS
While not preshrunk, Army Duck shrinks less than other cotton ducks. Once again, the tightly woven cotton is an advantage. There is less room for the yarns to draw up because they are already so dense.

5. Great Price
Our 36″ Army Duck and 60″ Army Duck are both available for a fantastic price. And it gets even better when you buy more! Amazing values for such a great performing fabric.

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