We are excited to offer a wide range of Heavyweight Numbered Ducks!   Single fill and double fill are both constructed with a flat weave, but the double fill (The Numbered Ducks) are stronger because the warp and weft are made of plied (twisted) yarns.  These fabrics are extremely dense, stiff and durable. #1 is the heaviest of all at 30oz!  #4 is the next heaviest and available in a wide selection of widths from 24″-120″.  If these fabrics sound perfect for your next sewing project make sure you have an industrial sewing machine and heavy thread.  We recommend a tex 69 thread.

I personally use #4 to make floor cloths and tote bags.  I have had a lot of luck dyeing the #4.  One thing I have learned about this super heavy canvas is that the wrinkles are very hard to remove.  I have found the best way to wash #4 is to lay it flat in the driveway and use a hose and scrub brush.  After I wash and rinse I move the canvas to another flat spot in the sun.  It dries really quickly and completely flat! Keeping the fabric flat through the washing process saves a lot of time trying to remove stubborn wrinkles made in the washing machine.

If you absolutely want to use your washing machine to wash this heavyweight canvas, the best solution is to remove the wet canvas and lay it flat on a few layers of towels.  Cover it with more towels with some flat heavy weights on top.  Change out the towels every few hours and eventually your fabric will look smooth.

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