In with the NEW! SeaDuck Marine & Awning Fabric

The newest innovations in Marine & Awning Canvas are here! SeaDuck Fabric Marine & Awning Textile Solutions sold exclusively by Big Duck Canvas. The 100% Solution dyed acrylic yarns are sourced from Dolan, the leading manufacturer in the world of acrylic yarns. Dolan is well known in the industry for producing the most vibrant long lasting colors available. SeaDuck Fabric comes with all the features you would expect from a top performing outdoor fabric plus a ten year warranty.  This fabric is the best option for awnings, umbrellas, beach lounge chairs, sling back chairs, Bimini tops, boat covers, banners and more! Get your samples today!

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Check out the technical specifications of SeaDuck in the PDF below:

Seaduck Fabric Technical Features

Heavyweight Waxed Canvas!

If you’re hooked on waxed canvas like we are then you will be happy to hear we are bringing in some heavier waxed canvas options.  #10 Waxed is a 15oz Double Filled Cotton Canvas that is coated with the same high quality wax formula as our current waxed canvas fabrics.  We have been happy with the performance of this coating and are excited to offer some new fabrics!

Check out our #10 Waxed Canvas in Nutmeg and Black coming soon! Purchase by the yard and factory direct wholesale prices and take advantage of great bulk pricing!


NEW Linen Fabrics! Buy Wholesale!

Linen Fabrics brand new this week!  Over 30 new Made in the USA Linen Fabrics Blends in great shades for a wide range of Home Decor uses.  Linen fabrics are also a popular choice for interior bag linings for totes, weekenders, and purses. They are all prewashed and eco friendly!  Come check them out and request samples!  You will also find a new wide selection of Stripe Linens that are easy to care for and maintain.



12oz Oatmeal Basecloth is BACK!

If this is your first time hearing about 12oz Oatmeal Basecloth you’re going to want to get a sample of this beautiful fabric.  The subtle blend of natural fibers creates a perfect neutral shade & texture for home decor applications. We are thrilled to have it back in stock.

Oatmeal Basecloth

It’s Better than Wholesale: Dyed Burlap

What is better than Wholesale?  How about Cost? Now is the time to get our best deals on dyed Burlap!  We are preparing for a big move this summer to a new warehouse and have marked down our 11oz Premium Burlap to COST in order to lighten the load. There are some really great colors like Rust, Antique Brass, Hazel,  Hampton Blue, and MORE.   Samples are available, but supplies are limited!

Burlap Rust 001

Army Duck:The Best for Screenprinting & More!

Along with its many popular uses, Army Duck is one of the best canvas fabrics to screen print!  The surface has a very smooth texture created by the densely woven cotton fibers allowing for GREAT fine detail in printing. If you are creating a screen printed bag of any type make sure to get some our free Army Duck samples and see for yourself!  Here is a quick video of our 10.10oz Army Duck Cotton Canvas.

We offer custom Sunforger® finishes and Custom Dye lots on our Canvas fabrics.  Our in-stock color options are limited on Army Duck, but we can work with you to create your own custom colors!

#1 (30oz) Cotton Duck! The Heaviest Canvas of All Time

Our Heavy Numbered Ducks are such a unique Heavyweight textile material that it almost doesn’t feel right to just call them canvas fabric.  They can solve project needs like no other!  Floor Coverings,  Wall coverings for sound dampening,  storage bins, equipment and machinery covers, industrial belting, tool bags, painter bags, horse packs, & more! Here is a quick look at #1

Our #4 Cotton Duck is our next heaviest cotton duck and can basically do everything a #1 can do.  It comes in wide range of widths for every project need.  In a side by side comparison with number #1 it is hard to tell the two weights apart.

Outdura™ vs. Sunbrella® Fabrics

Most people aren’t exactly sure what Solution Dyed Acrylic is, but it seems everyone has heard of Sunbrella® Fabrics.  People don’t typically ask about Solution Dyed Acrylic, they ask for Sunbrella® by name. So, nice job Sunbrella® on that end.  Solution dyed acrylic is the go to fiber for awnings, umbrellas, marine uses, patio furniture and more!  We weren’t sure if we wanted to carry Sunbrella® or Outdura™, so we did a little of our own research.

              sunbrella vs outdura

Solution Dyed Acrylic Fiber – There are only 2 producers of the solution dyed acrylic fiber in the world.  A company called Dolan produces the most.   Sunbrella® and Outdura™ both get their fibers from these two producers.  Outdura™ ONLY uses Dolan fiber for a more consistent product. These fiber producers are where the 10 year warranty comes from, so Sunbrella® and Outdura™ both offer the same warranty protections.

Weaving & Finishing – Once Outdura and Sunbrella have procured their fibers the weaving and finishing takes place. Sunbrella® has lightened up there weave density over the years and many reviews express frustration that the Sunbrella® fabric stretched over time.  Depending on what you are making stretch may not be a concern, but it seems they have gained a reputation for this flaw in their fabric.  Outdura™ offers a very heavy, densely woven 9.5oz fabric and a lighter 8oz weight created specifically for home decor applications, indoor or outdoor.  It is a lighter, so its easier to sew than their traditional awning fabric.  As far as fading goes there is no difference between Sunbrella® and Outdura™, since the fibers are basically coming from the same place.

Country of Origin – If you do a search to find out where Sunbrella® is made you will find ” Made in the USA or Imported”.  This is because a great deal of Sunbrella® is being made in China. Outdura™ is the only company who can claim their product is 100% Made in the USA.  Many of our customers are manufacturing finished products, so that Made in USA label is really important.

Price – Solution Dyed Acrylic is pricey.  IT JUST IS.  Since the fiber is made one place and sold to another for finishing there are some serious costs there that get passed on.  Luckily, these fabrics really perform and there is nothing like it.  Outdura™ is actually a couple dollars less per yard for a Made in the USA fabric.

Conclusion-  I guess you see where we are going with this.  We really wanted to like Sunbrella® From a marketing & sales prospective it would be far easier for us to sell Sunbrella® based on the brand recognition alone. We just cant ignore that Outdura™ is leading this market is several ways and has the edge over Sunbrella® in our opinion.  No doubt about it, Sunbrella is a quality fabric that will last a long time (minus the stretching issue).  At Big Duck Canvas however; we are excited to offer Outdura™ .  If you have any questions or would like a free sample we are happy to help!