It’s Better than Wholesale: Dyed Burlap

What is better than wholesale? How about cost? Now is the time to get our best deals on dyed Burlap! We are preparing for a big move this summer to a new warehouse and have marked down our 11oz Premium Burlap to COST in order to lighten the load. There are some really great colors [...]

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Sewing the Heaviest Cotton Ducks & NEW Black #4 (24oz) is HERE

#4 (24oz) Cotton Duck is our second heaviest canvas! The amazing thing about #4 canvas is all the width options that are available. The selection includes 36" canvas, 48" canvas, 60" canvas and 120"! This is why it is the most popular fabric for making floorcloths. Yes, #4 is actually heavy enough to work as [...]

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More Made in the USA Fabric Selection

Check out our newest Made in the USA cotton fabric. It is our own custom shade that we call Biscuit. It is a 12oz/58" Bull Denim. This an ideal slipcover fabric. Request samples of USA Bull Denim upholstery fabric here.

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The Tent Canvas: Sunforger® Army Duck

Sunforger® Army Duck is the go to fabric for tents and tipis!  It is water repellent, mold, and mildew resistant.  It also comes in a Fire Retardant option which is required for event spaces and enclosures.  Check out the possibilities of this fabric and let us know if you need any help sourcing fabric for [...]

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Army Duck:The Best for Screenprinting & More!

Along with its many popular uses, Army Duck is one of the best canvas fabrics to screen print! The surface has a very smooth texture created by the densely woven cotton fibers allowing for very fine detail in printing. If you are creating a screen printed bag of any type make sure to get some [...]

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Closing Out DWR Canvas! Once its Gone its GONE!

We are saying Goodbye to our Durable Water Resistant 10oz Cotton Canvas!  While supplies lasts we are closing it out at just $4.99/yd! This is less than our standard 10oz dyed goods plus you get the DWR finish!  Its a great great deal.  We have some fantastic new waterproof and water resistant fabrics coming in [...]

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#1 (30oz) Cotton Duck! The Heaviest Canvas of All Time

Our Heavy Numbered Ducks are such a unique Heavyweight textile material that it almost doesn't feel right to just call them canvas fabric.  They can solve project needs like no other!  Floor Coverings,  Wall coverings for sound dampening,  storage bins, equipment and machinery covers, industrial belting, tool bags, painter bags, horse packs, & more! Here [...]

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Best Secret Fabric : Carcloth Sunforger®

It's water and mildew resistant! It's a great earthy color called Mineral Suntan. We love this fabric. We started carrying it due to the requests of some customers who wanted it for its "intended" purpose of making car covers. The fabric is ideal for soft, cozy protective covers for vehicles that keep the weather out [...]

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Oatmeal Basecloth is Here!

We have samples of our 12oz cotton linen fabric in 'Oatmeal' for a limited time. This fabric is great for a wide range of upholstery and drapery applications. Like all of our closeouts we have a limited supply, so it is best to order plenty for your project while we have it. Do not hesitate [...]

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