The Perfect Canvas! #12 Cotton Duck

What makes the perfect Canvas? Depending on your application this could be a wide range of answers. If you want the heaviest our#1 is perfect; for the most colors our 10oz is it; the smoothest texture check out army duck. The best marine canvas, its Outdura. So, why do I say #12 is perfect?

#12 is extremely versatile with its 11.5oz easy to work with & manage weight.  It is double filled, so it is going to be a bit stronger than a 12oz single fill.  The weave is extremely dense similar to an army duck, but with a bit more texture.  The width selection is incredible from 36″ all the way to 144″.  It also comes primed as an Artist Canvas in widths from 60″-96″.   The weight of this canvas is appropriate for so many project applications and it is easy to dye.  Big Duck Canvas prices on #12 canvas are the most impressive with generous wholesale bulk discounts.  Check it out or request a sample.


Simple Dyeing Technique : Paint With Dye Video

We get questions everyday about dyeing our cotton canvas. Painting with a thick dye paste is one of my favorite dyeing techniques. A dye paste allows you to control where the dye goes unlike a liquid dye. It only requires few supplies and is simple to do. The dyes and paste I use can be used on any of our cotton canvas fabrics. (not Sunforger, Waxed Canvas or Canvak) In the video I experiment on our #12 Cotton Duck and #4.  Dye paste can be used to screen print with dye as well! You can get crisp detail without the dye bleeding or running. There is so much fun stuff to do with it! We hope you like this quick video.  Check out the links below for specific materials used.

How to Paint or Print with Dye Paste

Here are the links to the materials I use in the video:

PRO PRINT PASTE SH (Dye Thickener)




CANVAK Canvas is Back! The Secret Waxed Canvas

What is CanvakLooking to source fabric for a long lasting heavy duty bag with an instantly great vintage look? I would be using Canvak™ Canvas Olive Drab. Many of our customers use it for covering heavy duty equipment outdoors and industrial applications, so its uses are wide and unlimited. It works great as a tarp because it is breathable, helping to reduce rust by minimizing condensation. It is also mildew mold resistant which is MUST for an outdoor fabric. As an accessory fabric it has a great distressed waxed canvas look.

As a result of the paraffin based Canvak™ coating, the fabric feels a lot heavier than a 10oz. In fact, I have to constantly remind myself not to call it something heavier. The fabric does have its own special smell. Have you been to a Army Surplus Store? Canvak™ Canvas smells like a less potent and cleaner version of that smell. This fabric is often used for vintage hats, so really the smell really isn’t much of an issue for manufactures. Feel free to request a sample to see for yourself.

If waxed canvas is not cost effective for your product, consider Canvak™ as a more budget-friendly alternative. It will achieve that same great look!

Light & Sheer 7oz Cotton Duck

7oz Cotton Duck is currently our lightest weight canvas fabric. It is such a versatile fabric and easy to work with.  It is the best choice we have for sheer natural looking curtains or drapes.  Take a closer look at this fabric in a quick video.

Made in the USA Khaki Bull Denim

It is all about that diagonal line!  It is easy to recognize a twill weave when you see diagonal lines running across the fabric.  Our 12oz Bull Denim Fabrics are a customer favorite for slipcovers and home decor.  Take quick look at our 12oz Khaki Bull Denim.  Most people assume Made in the USA is going to be pricey, but actually its a great deal at $8.99/yd or LESS! For more information on Bull Denim check out an old blog post: TWILL WEAVE: What is the Difference Between Denim & Bull Denim

Waxed Canvas Video Feature

Take a look at Big Duck Canvas’ Waxed Army Duck!  It is the nicest waxed canvas I have ever worked with.  It is a great alternative to leather for all types of bags, hats, dog bowls, leashes, aprons, and more.  Waxed canvas is know for “craze marks” that easily occur with any abrasion or folding.  Many people love the way it looks, but it you want to return your waxed canvas to a smooth uniform surface there are a couple ways to do that.  A hair dryer will remove scuffs and scratches.  For folds and wrinkles a dry iron (NO STEAM) on medium heat will work.  Please use a piece of craft paper in between the canvas and iron to test your settings.  With the iron it is important to iron evenly over the entire surface, not just the wrinkles.

waxed canvas new video

Our advanced wax finish will not transfer any residue to other surfaces and is easy to work with. We currently offer wholesale waxed canvas in three shades : Chocolate, Olive Drab, and Saddle Brown

Hooray! Wholesale SEAM TAPE!

Over the past few months we have been working on perfecting the best seam tape for Big Duck Canvas!  It a small little product addition, but the time and sweat it will save at the sewing machine is HUGE!  It was important to us for it to be the best quality we could produce at of course a good price. We are very pleased with the end result and hope you will be too!

seam basting double sided tape wholesale

It’s Better than Wholesale: Dyed Burlap

Burlap Fabric Discount Wholesale SupplierWhat is better than wholesale? How about cost? Now is the time to get our best deals on dyed Burlap! We are preparing for a big move this summer to a new warehouse and have marked down our 11oz Premium Burlap to COST in order to lighten the load. There are some really great colors like Rust, Antique Brass, Hazel, Hampton Blue, and MORE.

Burlap fabric samples are available, but supplies are limited!

Sewing the Heaviest Cotton Ducks & NEW Black #4 (24oz) is HERE

Number4Cottonduck#4 (24oz) Cotton Duck is our second heaviest canvas! The amazing thing about #4 canvas is all the width options that are available. The selection includes 36″ canvas, 48″ canvas, 60″ canvas and 120″! This is why it is the most popular fabric for making floorcloths. Yes, #4 is actually heavy enough to work as a floor mat especially if you add a little rug padding underneath. Many of our customers, including myself are using #4 to make floor coverings instead of buying costly rugs. Up until now #4 has only been available in natural. Last week we added our new #4 / 60″ in Black! We are looking forward to seeing our customers response to this new option.

Many people wonder if they can sew #4 on their home machine or if it requires industrial power. We have the best answer for that: IT DEPENDS. Many home sewing machines are very heavy duty and can handle the thickness like a pro. It is best to request cotton canvas samples and just run through your machine. Try sewing through three layers and see how it goes. The other reason “it depends” is because of thread options. Most home machines will limit you to lighter thread options. #4 Cotton Duck is heavy, so a heavy thread is ideal. I use a bonded nylon Tex 69 on my floor cloths. My home machine has surprised me over the years handling thick leather and upholstery, but it’s not likely to deliver nice seams using heavier Tex 69 bonded nylon! For that, I use my industrial machine. Again, just hit us up for some samples of our cotton duck fabric and give it try! We would love to hear about any home sewing machine that can easily handle heavy threads!

UPDATE: We have found the Singer Heavy Duty home sewing machines do a very decent job with both heavier fabrics and threads. These are in no way the equivalent of a commercial sewing machine, but for home use we’ve been impressed. Have you had success with other home sewing machines? Let us know!

VIDEO: Sewing and Working with #1 Cotton Duck

Number 1 Cotton Duck Poster